Stilpnochlora couloniana
  • Stilpnochlora couloniana

    The Florida Katydid Stilpnochlora couloniana is a lively day active species which does well in a warm room and is relatively easy to rear and breed. They make for a good introduction into the hobby and are attractive at all stages.

    • Care

      Temperature: 16 - 28c

      Humidity: Medium

      Ventilation: Well ventilated

      Feeding: Buddleja, Bramble, Rose, Privet

      Known issues: This is a relatively large species which is very delicate during final moult. A good height of enclosure is essential and do not overcrowd.

    • Lifespan

      Incubation time: 1-2 months

      Nymph to adult: 4-5 months

      Lifespan as adult: 6 months+

    • PDF care guide

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