Ancylecha fenestrata
  • Ancylecha fenestrata

    The Malaysian Leaf Katydid Ancylecha fenestrata makes for both a stunning display and a relatively easy introduction into tropical insect species. They thrive in a warm humid enviroment and do need some equipment to rear successfully however once you get the enclosure right care and feeding is reatively easy and all stages are highly decorative.

    • Care

      Temperature: 18 - 28c

      Humidity: High

      Ventilation: Intermittant fan control is benificial

      Feeding: Hypericum, Bramble, Rose, Privet

      Known issues: A warm humid enclosure with relatively low airflow can be a recipe for mould. Clean frass and dead leaf frequently to prevent this as environmental mould will cause issues with both adults and nymphs.

    • Lifespan

      Incubation time: 4 months

      Nymph to adult: 4-6 months

      Lifespan as adult: 6 months+