Exotic and native invertebrate species for enjoyment and study.

I provide a range of exotic and native invertebrate species captive bred in the UK with full care instruction and foodplant availability.

Here you can obtain not just the live inverts, but the plants and knowledge needed to keep your creatures alive and thriving. I aim to offer range of common and not so common foodplants to help you successfully rear exotic Orthoptera, Phasmids and Lepidoptera at home.

If you are looking attract native butterflies, moths and other beneficial insects into your outdoor space and improve your local invert diversity I also offer a range of specially selected perennial plants all grown in compostable fibre pots and peat free media. These plants have been chosen as a foodplant for a number of native species or as a source of nectar to support butterflies, moths’ bees and other beneficial insects.

Whether you are looking to encourage or introduce beneficial native species into your own outdoor space or establish a home display of beautiful exotic invertebrates I offer a range of products which will help you successfully rear both native and exotic inverts.

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